Global Warming

Global warming,

Leave the Arctic Eskimos their living environment is broken, the ice melted. With their latest stuff they try to discover a new world.
This painting was painted by Cees Akkerman and is part of a triptych on which to see various animals is that the same fate awaits.
Refugees Yes but this time not by the war but by the global warming.
They too need help………..


See lion Global warming by Cees Akkerman
See lion with child acryl painting by Cees Akkerman arm 110x120cm name Global warming

ijsbeer opwarming 2

One of our paintings was stolen during a fair at the Hilton Hotel of Stockholm on the hotel camera was just to see that the thief took it out of the wall. Our painting in a ready car was loaded. Related to the law on invasion of privacy could not be arrested the thief. There should be according to the law not be zoomed in on a any offender.

If you want to buy one of the two hand paintings ,material canvas painting acrylic/oil that is a oil paint on waterbase  dim  110×120 cm.

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