Biografie Nederlands Aryan van Beugen

Aryan van Beugen alias Julien Marnier Chansonnier

65 jaar-4 11

Biografie Julien Marnier/Aryan van Beugen

Julien Marnier is de artiestennaam van Aryan van Beugen deze ras entertainer heeft z,n sporen reeds verdiend.

Zijn liefde voor het Franse chanson begon al z,on 30 jaar geleden toen John de Mol himself aangaf dat er in Frankrijk voor hem een grote toekomst zou liggen.

Met zijn Aznavour achtige geluid raakte hij bij het publiek de gevoelige snaar.Liedjes als She ,Yesterday when I was young was hem dan ook op het lijf geschreven.

Maar ook Gilbert Becaud vertolkt hij op een niet navolgbare wijze Nathalie,L,important c,est la Rose,Et Maintenant noem ze maar op als er iemand de franse sfeer op uw party kan brengen is het de tour de chant van Julien Marnier.

Zijn ontmoeting met de grote Gilbert Becaud in het Okura in Amsterdam waar hij een drie dimensionaal achtergronddecor van het Place du Tertre aanbracht was zeker een mijlpaal.

Ook van de koninklijke Belgische familie in Brussel kreeg hij staande ovatie ,voor de bekende impressario Lou van Rees zong hij vele jaren op bekende cruiseschepen in de hele wereld.

Lange tijd bezig geweest om schitterende podia,s te creeren voor anderen,kruipt het entertainmentbloed in hem als nooit tevoren

Met zijn enorme bagage aan ervaring hoopt hij middels zijn hernieuwde tour de chant het publiek weer als vanouds te mogen entertainen.

30.000 people listen on You Tube to this song singing by Aryan van Beugen/Julien Marnier

MET ENIGE TROTS PRESENTEREN WIJ      Julien Marnier Tour de Chant

Biography Julien Marnier

Is the stage name of Aryan van Beugen this  entertainer has his tracks already earned.
His love for the French chanson started  30 years ago when John de Mol himself indicated that there would be a great future for him in France.
With his Aznavour sound, he was at the public the heartstring.
Songs like She, Yesterday when I was young ,but  also played Gilbert Becaud on a non trackable way , L, important c, est la Rose, Et Maintenant Anyone has the French atmosphere on your party can bring is the tour de chant by Julien Marnier.
His encounter with the great Gilbert Becaud in Amsterdam was certainly a milestone.
Also of the Royal Belgian family in Brussels he got standing ovation, for the well-known impresario Lou van Rees, he sang many years on well-known cruise ships in the world.

WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENT                         Julien Marnier Tour de Chant

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Welcome in to the world of Aryan van Beugen
Aryan van Beugen/Julien Marnier ,art painter ,chansonnier born 18-08-50 in the Haque Netherlands
Period of youth
Aryan had no high education , was born in a poor family ,he has a talent of nature.
Very early he wanted to the Academy of Arts in The Haque.
He had a big family , 7 brothers and two sisters his father was a carpenter worked hard to make ends together to tie this money was not bring
His mother was from Oekrain in Sowjet Union,she was as a child of 14 years old ,she was take it away in the World war 1940-45 by German soldiers,after than she must working in the concentration camps.
Study at age 14 there was dismissed and he look forward to take a job in Advertising business.
After several rejections ,he find an advertising office in Leiden where he starts to work for a 11 old guilders per week.
So he had to deal with all aspects of painting,do carpenter,s work,windowdressing and many more.
But they important thing was that he directly learn all technics on the basic floor.
After a time of falls and victory he starts a life as Interor designer

Chansonnier Julien Marnier Music was his first love,he got through whit the change to do audition for a big company Kelders van Verbunt a import winery in the Netherlands.
They ask him to sing french songs by promoting their,s wines.
So he become his artist name of Julien Marnier ,also they organize a special made french marketplace,whit accordeon musician can can dancers, winery,french cheese sellers round him.
In the world of theater he was a successful and welcome chansonnier.
The music was a positive turning point in his life.
Not too long ago he made at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam the scene of his hero Gilbert Becaud ,he died shortly afterwards

Scenery Designer and painter

The first scenery was painted by himself,and found it went off pretty easy,from french until Carybbean scenery,s from spacecraft until spectacular waterfalls to Aryan was nothing to must or to wild.
The scenery was born in the Netherlands and his company has find a strong stay in the World of show business.
He was specially invited in Las Vegas,together whit twelve of the best scenery designers of the world.
His scenery design of Dolphin,s world of Harderwijk in the Netherlands get a world price,1998 in Orlando for the best Show in the World.
Also he design for the insuring company Aegon the front of their,s worldwide web.
and very much more

Burn out
Until the unfortunate time arises,in his relentless creative energy .he was painfully lay down,his way had been too long ,whit no education but only on the fuel of his born talent ,it was to much.
Every time he had proof the best,no amount paths enter,always he must design something new,if the business like something original they must be by Aryan van Beugen.
A burnout was due,as Joop v/d Ende,Aryan was also felled by longlines by the crash of his creative brain.
He stops his company Julien Marnier Decor-entertainment and there came a period of rest


After a battle against a very nasty burn-out ,the sun begins to break through and also starts the tickling of he,s creative and stimulating feeling.
The art painter in him has reached maturity ,he diligently paints his creative talent in order to entrust to the canvas.
That this will lead to wonderful new creations needs no preface an amount not new path ,but no way in show business.
He sings whit his beautiful daughter Kimberley duets,and for special events he sings old french chansons mostly for his friends.
His elegant wife Nelleke gives him every day the love and power to go through whit his life.
His innate naturel talent he will appoint a new creative path with a healthy dose of full entertainment value,especially without a more stressful existence.
Artist/designer/ painter of Julien Marnier/Aryan van Beugen

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